This is the running archive of a sporadic mixtape series from somewhere in the Heights.

Radio AG was born in June of 2005. The plan was to provide a running mixtape for people in the Heights, initially meeting them halfway with a selection of pop rock, indie dance and alternative cuts, before slowly injecting more and more heavy atmospheric vibes into the proceedings as time passed. The righteous sounds of dub, breakbeat and electronic music were steadily in full effect throughout, and all was right with the world.

Today, Radio AG provides an off the record glimpse into the button down minds of DJ Slye and Coqui as they cut loose in the Parallax Room with ramshackle vibes and a stack of records. It's a party, a radio transmission and a brace of killer tunes, all rolled into the succinct form of a mixtape. The frequency with which they arrive has never been predictable, but in recent times they've begun to arrive with the changing seasons.

So feel free to drop by and have a listen, whenever the mood catches you.

Stay deep,

DJ Slye and Coqui



Release Date


Radio AG Episode 014: The Timewarp Prequel

February 4, 2005


Radio AG Episode 013: The Lost Episode

December 3, 2013


Radio AG Episode 012

December 21, 2007


Radio AG Episode 011

May 11, 2007


Radio AG Episode 010

February 15, 2007


Radio AG Episode 009

January 18, 2007


The Kids Are Alright

September 22, 2006


Radio AG Episode 008

August 25, 2006


Radio AG Episode 007

July 28, 2006


Radio AG Episode 006

March 18, 2006


Radio AG Episode 005: The Halloween Special

October 28, 2005


Radio AG Episode 004

September 23, 2005


Radio AG Episode 003

August 6, 2005


Radio AG Episode 002

July 2, 2005


Radio AG Episode 001

June 15, 2005

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